New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/10A - Page 32

decision right down to the small details is based on achieving those key outcomes. Waterfront Auckland has been challenged on its framework, with some people suggesting we are “too prescriptive”. But we are already talking to developers and getting alignment on our philosophies and principles. And the resulting proposals we are seeing go way beyond our prescribed minimum standards, which is incredibly exciting. Innovative approach rewarded In the eight years since it was established, Waterfront Auckland has earned a reputation for innovation – it has never just been “business as usual”. We were one of the first organisations in the country to adopt integrated reporting, which identifies our capital – our environment, assets, intellectual capital, people and relationships – and takes an holistic overview of our business, carefully analysing how we do what we do. Our emphasis on creating vibrant, sustainable, mixed-use communities is reflected in the success of the Wynyard Quarter development, which has won three international awards recently. The two most recent awards, announced at the end of September, include the Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize. This was presented to our landscape architects on the project, Taylor 30 search | save | share at Cullity and Lethlean (Melbourne) and Wraight and Associates (Wellington and Auckland) at the International Biennial of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona. Wynyard Quarter also won the Best Waterfront Project Award at the International Society of City and Regional Planning congress held in Gynia, Poland. All of the judges in these awards have noted the successful way the existing industrial elements on the waterfront have been retained, and how these businesses engage the public and contribute to the success of the thriving urban community. None of these awards has occurred by accident. A lot of careful thought went into establishing the physical and social infrastructure necessary to create such a community. And the success can be also be attributed to the “buy-in” of everyone involved, from the board and shareholders to our precursor agency Sea + City and Auckland Council. The challenge now is to sustain this momentum and incorporate the approach that has been so successful in Wynyard Quarter into the revitalisation of the rest of the public parts of the waterfront and city centre. save & share 45409 at Below and lower right:Opening up the waterfront while retaining key industries has been a major focus for Waterfront Auckland. Right:Already a bustling mecca for locals and visitors alike, Wynyard Quarter is now set to benefit from further expansion. A framework for new developments, including apartment buildings, has been established and Waterfront Auckland is currently looking at proposals.