New York By Rail 14th ed. - Page 83

of the Erie Canal Fairport Canal Days, June 2-4 in Fairport, is one of the most popular arts festivals in New York State, attracting nearly a quarter million visitors annually. More than 200 vendors display their crafts and wares against a backdrop of good food, great music and family fun. The Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse, housed in the 1850 Syracuse Weighlock Building -- the only structure of its kind in the world -- features a full-size canal boat, hand-on-interactive exhibits, vignettes about life along the canal, a special exhibits gallery and the outdoor Locktender’s Garden. Historic Palmyra, once known as the “Queen of Erie Canal towns” is now known for its complex of five museums [Y[˜[]][X[[ Y\H[\[ܙH[H\\X[ۈو[Y\X[[ݙ[ݙ\]%][[Z[]HYH[X\H[[^\[܈]\ܚX8'[˸'H\ܚX[^\[KB][[[[[[]]\][B\HۛHXݙ\Y\ܚXH[]–[ܚ]H[ۙH\YH[[]XܙX]Y\ܚX[Z[[[[ۜ][ۜ[\ܘ[[Z[YX[\\H[[\]]Z[[[\Z\\ܞK\[\BX[[[\X[\ܞHوH\YH[[\K][[[[˘B\YHܛ[]H\ܚX]H ܝ[\H\HۛH[XZ[[]H]\XB[[[و[YH\\و\YH[[][Y[ [Y[H[Z[HۙYY[قHܚY[[8'[۸&\]8'H\YH[[ [\YH[[X\HܚY[[\YB[[8'[\\x'Hˈ [HHH[\Y\YH[[ ]\[^[[\[œ[HX^XZH\YHܙYZ[[]]\ZHH]Z[܂[HHYHۈH\YH[[^HXXHZ[ \˛K݋\ܚX\]\̍]Z[˘\[ݙ[KKZ[\ۙ\