New York By Rail 14th ed. - Page 75

BUFFALO New York State’s only RUST BELT city resurges. Booming live/work city center. BUZZING West Side lakefront redevelopment. Plenty of shopping, eating, art, CULTURE and architectural treasures. see map pages 8-9 Larkin Square WHAT’S NEAR THE STATION WHAT’S NEW The Market Arcade Downtown’s latest gathering spot, offers food vendors and historical murals. From BFX Station: 0.9 miles car; 19 minute walk; 11 minute bus Lafayette Square This downtown park, planned in 1804, offers strolling, lunch and outdoor conc \ˈY[Z BU8&TRT[[YHHZH\YH\Z[\\]]Y]\]\[H][[[ݙ\K X]]Y\HYX\[[YXY[˘BH][ێ Z[\\ Z[]H\‘H][ێ Z[\\ LZ[]H[’[[H XݙJHHX]][ ܛY\XX]XX[]H\[\[\ܝ[ۙ\[H[\[[KBH][ێ KZ[\\ Z[]H\“\[]X\HHܛY\XܞH\[ٛܛYY[H][H\[\[[\Z[Y[[\]X[]܈\ܛX[\ˈ\[]X\KB]H[؜\][ۈXYHH]BH]H \ܞH\XX\\YXK\]Y[ۚXY\KBY[ \YH[H[X[\[ XݙJH[XY[][ۈY\B\[YX\[ Y[\[˘BH][ێ KZ[\\ Z[]H\‘H][ێ Z[\\ MHZ[]H[•Hۈ[H XݙJH\\ܙYNM [YH]\X[YHۘHY[]B[[Kۘ[KBH][ێ KHZ[\\ Z[]H[[Y Rۛ\[\B[[ۙH[x&\\\]\][\\™[\H\[H\و[\\ [Yۛ ܙ‘H][ێ KZ[\\ Z[]H[‘H][ێ Z[\\ HZ[]H\•TUUSԒЖTRS HԈSԑHSԓPUSӂSHPQBY[x&\HHY[[HX^HۛX]Z[&\][\\H[x&]H\Y[H[H][[]\Z[ܙX\[\وܝX[\Έ^x&\HHٙXX[وH\HۚYܚYH[\\\][ܚ‘\ [HY[[X\[\ۜˈ\H[Z][H\Hܛ[ N H[\Z[[Y\›YX]X[\[K[\HۛHH\\ Y\ \]X[]HYX]ˈ^HHY Y[\][ۋ[Z[K[ۙY\[\œ[[ MH]\[Y[] K LHX^ܙ\[]Y[H\]\H]K[ً]KX\\[X[]KZ[&\]\ٙ\[[Z\H[ܚؙYY܈[ XYY\[XYH[ݙYHY[ۚX[ˈZ[B[]Z˘B][ܚHZ[