New York By Rail 14th ed. - Page 55

SARATOGA Springs AWARD-WINNING “best small city.” Natural mineral springs. World-class HORSERACING. Victorian architecture. Bountiful spas, DINING, culture and shopping. see map pages 8-9 Argentinian dance company Che Malambo makes its Saratoga Performing Arts Center debut on July 20. WHAT’S NEW Adelphi Hotel A restored Victorian treasure, reopened this spring, with new dining, market-place and courtyard. From SAR Station: 1.5 miles car; 29 minute walk; 10 minute bus Hamlet & Ghost (above) A new craft-cocktail speakeasy/New American bistro on happening Caroline Street. From SAR Station: 1.6 miles car; 32 minute walk; 10 minute bus Saratoga Casino The 75-year-old property offers an all-new resort, 1,700 slot machines and a harness raceway. From SAR Station: 3.6 miles car WHAT’S NEAR THE STATION Enjoy farm-to-table dining in a refurbished 1950s Pullman dome car; three-hour excursions. From SAR Station: located at SAR station Saratoga Springs Downtown Walk through Broadway/Lake Avenue area exploring restaurants, shops, bars, theaters and cafés. From SAR Station: 1.7 miles car; 32 minute bus Salt & Char (above) New steakhouse in historic building supporting local, organic, sustainable farmers. From SAR Station: 1.5 miles car; 28 minute walk; 20 minute bus WHAT’S NOT TO MISS Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) Founded over 50 years ago, hosting world-class dance and musical performers year-round. From SAR Station: 2.5 miles car; 35 minute bus National Museum of Dance (above) The only American museum dedicated to this art form, including Children’s Wing and Hall of Fame. From SAR Station: 2 miles car; 31 minute bus Caffe Lena America’s longest-running folk music coffee hous K[ܛ X\œ\ܛY\ˈY[[Kܙ‘HT][ێ KZ[\\ HZ[]H[•TUUSԒЖTRS BԈSԑHSԓPUSӂSHPQB]\\H[Y\Xx&\[X\]Z]\ۘX ][[H۸&]ۛ]H\\[[Y[ N L[\]K[H[ۉ“ZH\H\Y\]\Y\]\\Z[[^H\HX[ܙHܝ[HXYH^]^܈[YY[Hܚ\KX][H[Y[x%[H\\\ܞKۈ]\^K[H MK M\]H[[X]HH]\8&\\]YH]]Xۙ[X[\\][]H\]H[]H[\[H[[\[]Y [Y[\\[[[[\X[\Y]Y\[\[\BXܛ[Y\XKYZ\[ێ NY[\ LYKX\\][ B[]Z˘B][ܚHZ[ L