New York By Rail 14th ed. - Page 5

PRESIDENT AMTRAK Dear Traveler, Welcome aboard one of more than 20 daily Amtrak trains operating in Upstate New York and through the Hudson Valley! Including high-speed Acela Express, Northeast Regional and other trains serving New York Penn Station—located at the center of the busy Northeast Corridor (Washington- Boston)—that number jumps to 140 trains. Altogether, they carried 12.6 million customers to and from 26 stations across New York State in 2016. Whether you’re traveling for work, to see family and friends or get to school, Amtrak offers easy downtown-to-downtown connections that deliver you to the heart of the Empire State’s major cities. Contemplating a New York vacation or a weekend getaway? Amtrak is simply the smarter way to travel—you can skip the traffic, relax in wide, comfortable seats and enjoy the striking natural scenery for which New York is world famous. Through close collaboration and careful evaluation of passenger feedback, Amtrak and New York State regularly introduce initiatives to enhance the customer experience aboard trains and at stations. Last year, Amtrak expanded its pets program so customers may easily travel with their small cat or dog on Empire Service, Adirondack, Maple Leaf and Ethan Allen Express trains. A recent partnership with Taste NY, a program promoting New York’s food and beverage industries, offers travelers a selection of locally-produced snacks and drinks. These include Always Bagels, Chobani yogurt, Sweet Sam's coffee cakes, craft beers and more. Station modernization is often a joint effort among Amtrak, the state and local communities. This past December, Maple Leaf and Empire Service trains began using the new Niagara Falls Intermodal Transportation Center. The city-owned facility is a sparkling gateway at the border with Canada. In addition to an airy, light-filled waiting room, it includes a U.S. Customs and Border Protection office and space for an expanded Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center. Work is also progressing on new facilities in Rochester and Schenectady. The Rochester station, located just north of downtown and slated for completion in mid- 2017, will feature classic brick construction with stone accents. Passengers will find a spacious waiting room with retail areas and an Amtrak ticket office. Two new tracks will reduce delays caused by railroad congestion, while a platform level with the train doors will make it easier to board and detrain. In Schenectady, a new intermodal facility is envisioned to support center city revitalization. Additional projects are focused on improving the railroad for more efficient and timely passenger rail operations. Nearly $200 million in federal and state funds are being invested on the Empire Corridor linking New York City, Albany-Rensselaer and Niagara Falls. Over the past few years, crews have built a fourth track and extended the platforms at the Albany-Rensselaer station, thereby improving operating flexibility and train on-time performance. Sixty-three miles of new underground cables are in place ݕ)I͕ȁA՝ͥݡ͕ɅɅͥ́ɔ)хݕI͕ȁMх)9܁eɬ䁥́她хЁɽѡɔɅé)ɕ͕́٥%՝ЀذɅɕٕȸԁɅѼչѡ)ɍ͔܁Ʌ͕́ȁɕ̰́ݕ́ѡɹѥ)9ѡЁ ɥȁɅՍɔQͱ܁եаͥѽݥ)եЁЁ́ѥ́!ɹIѕȰɕѥѥѕ̸)]Ѡ唁Ѽѥɕͥɥ͡ɽݥձѥѡɅ͕́ݥٔѡɐ)ɔ͕ȁ͕́ѥ́ѡЁɅѼЁٽ٥ѽȁɕɕ̸ЁѼ͕ѡ)ЁɅ͕Ёѕȁ͕٥İݥѠɅѥѡȸMЁхѥɽٕ́ݥ)չх9܁eɬ 䁅]͡ѽѼЁѡ܁եЁɕ͔Ʌ)ɕՕ̸)ѡɽ́ѥٔɔձѥѕ䁙͕եɽȁɔɸ͕)Ʌѕȁ9܁eɭ̸MݡɔѡɅхԁѡ́啅ˊQѡ͔́ȁɔѡ՝)Ʌѥ($$$$$$)]͡ԁͅɅٕ̰($$$$$%]5ɵ($$$$$%AɕͥЁ ᕍѥٔ=)Ʌ)9܁eɬ I