New York By Rail 14th ed. - Page 47

ALBANY-RENSSELAER New York’s capital city merges HISTORY with culture, art and performance; cuisine and craft beverages; events and FESTIVALS. RURAL Rensselaer County revels in the region’s past. see map pages 8-9 Albany Capital Center WHAT’S NEAR THE STATION WHAT’S NEW Albany Capital Center Downtown Albany’s new $78-million glass-fronted convention center offers dining, sporting and performance spaces. From ALB Station: 1.4 miles car; 30 minute walk; 15 minute bus Lucky Strike Social Original bowling lanes offer chef-driven food, craft beverages, gaming and live performances. From ALB Station: 10.1 miles car Albany Center Gallery (above) Brand- new exhibition space shows cutting-edge work from regional artists. From ALB Station: 2.4 miles car; 8 minute bus Palace Performing Arts Center Depression-era grand theater offers music, culture and classic films. From ALB Station: 1.6 miles car; 30 minute walk; 14 minute bus Nine Pin Cider (above) The state’s first farm cidery serves brews made from Capital Region and Hudson Valley apples. WHAT TRT[]H]]H ][X[\][ [Hx$]Y\ ]H]\X[[][[&\[[ˈ[[Y][˛ܙ‘HS][ێ Z[\\ŒZ[]H[ Z[]H\‘۝ۈH^ܙK[[H[\[[ZXܛ[\Z[XH[][]B[\ܚX\X ۝۝Kܙ‘HS][ێ Z[\\ NZ[]H\‘ܝܘZ[X\X]ۚX[]YB[HY[ۈYZYY]\][H\[ܘ[\ˈXX˘KܘZ[]Z\ܚX]BHS][ێ Z[\\ Z[]H\•T]\ XݙJH[Y\Xx&\ۛH[XZ[[•ܛ\RH\Y\[Y] \]\ܙ‘HS][ێ KHZ[\\ Z[]H\‘HS][ێHZ[\\ŒMZ[]H[ MZ[]H\•TUUSԒЖTRS HԈSԑHSԓPUSӂSHPQB[ [[ZYH[[XZ]YHY^HY][YZ\]\ΈH[K[XZ[] H\H]HY[[ B\[[\]\[K[ MZ\X[ X]\\[[\[\\]H[H Y܈H[[&HY]ۈقJKۈH[ݙ\[[H\\\[\ܘ[\]][ۋH\[HXZ\[\HY][ۘ[^K\[XY YYBX[ܙ[X\[X[[ˈH[[\H[[ݘ]]H[Xܘ]]H[ΈۙHوZ\\[[[H[\\›XYH]\Y\]YH[H[Y\[۝ۈ[[K[^Hٙ\[K[XZ[ܚ][Y^X[\]\[[XH[K]X\]\ KܙK\]X[B[]Z˘B][ܚHZ[