New York By Rail 14th ed. - Page 45

Albany Capital and Hudson Valley—have grown in lockstep with local farmers who are taking on the challenge of growing hops and barley or increasing their apple and fruit production, as well as agricultural scientists researching and developing hardier strains of hops and barley. Meanwhile, consumers are eager to discover what the “terroir” of New York would be in, say, a farmhouse ale, pear cider or orchard gin. Even barrel makers have gotten in on the act: Adirondack Barrel Cooperage, which opened in 2014, builds American White Oak barrels in the village of Remsen, near Utica. “It’s rare when the visions of politicians and the visions of small business owners align,” says Alejandro del Peral, founder of Nine Pin Cider in Albany, New York’s first cider maker to obtain a Farm Cidery license in 2013. “But the farm-class licenses that Governor Cuomo helped develop have been amazing for businesses that depend on New York State agriculture.” A provision allowing licensed crafters to sell beverages directly to consumers at onsite tasting rooms has not only boosted these fledgling businesses, but has helped create discerning consumers who develop an under- standing of the intricacies of the brewing process. Craft brewers are eagerly responding to the challenge. “The Find the Sherpa on Instagram: @NewYorkSherpa THE NEW YORK SHERPA’S Top Craft Brewers and Distillers New York’s travel expert Josiah Brown, aka the New York Sherpa, lists some of his favorite craft- beverage makers within an easy train ride from New York City for you to enjoy. BREWERIES HUDSON VALLEY Mill House Brewing Co. (Poughkeepsie) From POUGHKEEPSIE Station Won “Best Burger” for 50/50 Burger Keegan Ales (Kingston) From RHINECLIFF-KINGSTON Station 2009 Best Craft-Brewed Beer in New York State ALBANY/CAPITAL REGION C. H. Evans Brewing Co. (Albany Pump St ѥ)مͅ)ɽ1 9dI9MM1HMхѥ)Qم́䁙չ́)ɕݕ䁥!Ցͽ) 9QI09\e=I,)`5Ё ɕݥ )MɅUѥ)MɅ)ɽUQ% Mхѥ)1ɝЁɥݹɕݕ)9܁eɬMхє쁡́ѡՅ) ɵȁIѕȵ)Ʌ)ɕѥ٥䁽ѡ܁݅ٔɕݕ́ѡЁٔ͡ݸѡ)ЁٔѼ啅́́饹t́ͅ ]ɥQ9d)ɥéЁɝЁ䁉ȁѥمqQ)ɕЁѡȁݽɱ䁉ͥȁѡ́Ʌ)͍Ёɔ9܁eɬѡ͔́ɔѕٕ役)͔͔ӊét)Q䁥́ɽݥЁ她9܁eɬMхє)̀āɥ̰ٕȀɕݕɥ̰ѥɥ̀ā)ݡɔ ɽ帤)ٕՅ䰁ѡɅЁٕɅݥٔѼͽٔ)݅ɕͥɽ́ɑȁѼѥՔ́ɽѠ5䁥ѡ)ݽձѼ͕Ʌ镐́ͥ́ȁѽɥ)ɅѡȁɽՍ́ͼ͵͍ɵ́Ʌѕ́ݽe)ٔѼɥ٥ɽ́ѡхєѼͥ́ѽѡȸ Ё)ѡɅЁٕɅ䁭́ɽݥ䁽ѡȁ́ݥ)ɥ͔ѡЁѥQɡ́Ցѡхїéɕɝ)七qЁѡ݅єɽѡѥɽ́́Ѽ)ɕѕɔЁ͕t́ͅɕ鼸q Ёѡɗe)ѕѡЁٕЁѡЁ݅єѼՕͼͽ䁥)ձՉ今t)ɔ ɕݥ (MɅ͔ 镹٥)ɕɕܹ)ɽMeI UMMхѥ)Ё ӊéɝЁɴɕݕ)ѡɕѥɕЁɥ )Ёݥ) %I%L)!UM=8Y11d) M ȁ !) ͕ɑȹ) 9QI09\e=I,(ā ́Mɥ(1є(ŕх͡)ɽMeI UMMхѥ) ɽ锁ɕЁ1́ ѥѥ)ݥȁȁхаɥɐ)ȰݥѠɥ)=9܁eɬ])ݥȁȀ)Yɽɵѕ)ȁɥѥ)Ёѥ)Mѽɥ]䀘ѥ(5ɱɼ)Mѽɥ)ɽA=U!-AM%Mхѥ)9Ʌɽ͕͕́Ѽ)Ʌɔݥ́ɥ)QѡѽݸMɥ̀ɑȤ)Qѡѽݸ)ɽA=U!-AM%Mхѥ)Iݹȁ!Ցͽ ) ɉ)UՔٽ́ՑA) ȁ ɥɵ́!ٕЁ5) 䀡 镹٥) ɥɕ݅ȹ=ɍɐ])ɍɐ1 9d A%Q0I%=8)ѥ ()呥ѥ)ɽMeI UMMхѥɽ1 9dI9MM1HMхѥ)ɽA=U!-AM%Mхѥ)ɽA=U!-AM%Mхѥ)!D́Ʌ͕)ɥхѕՕ́)ɽ͕́Ѽɕє܁)1 9d A%Q0I%=8)9A)9ȹ)ɽ1 9dI9MM1HMхѥ)ɕЁ1́%ѕɹѥ )A ѥѥ)ݥȁȁ ͭQչȁ )M饹͵э)́ݥѠɕ́ɽ)ݹϊdɴ)%MQ%11I%L)!UM=8Y11d)!ɽхєѥ(Ʌ)!ɽѥ乍)ɽ!UM=8Mхѥ)ЁTLѥѼȵЁ)ɅЁݡͭ)IѠ]͠)՝ɍٽɕ)ٽ) 9QI09\e=I,) ѽݸѥ( ѽݸ) ѽݹѥ乍)ɽUQ% Mхѥ)I ͥɥ)]ͭ䰁Ʌѥɉ屔)ݡͭݥѠ́)م)9܁eɬ I