New York By Rail 14th ed. - Page 27

REACH for the Skies See all of New York City from its observation decks F EMPIRE STATE BUILDING The Empire State Building (17-25 W. 29th Street) opened in 1931, just in time to inspire the iconic scene in King Kong. The Main Deck, wrapping around the building’s spire at the 86th floor, offers stunning views of Central Park, the Hudson River and East River, the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and more; there’s an app that will give you background on the sights. Head to the top deck, on the 102nd floor, to see 80 miles away in every direction on a clear day. Open until 2 a.m. for epic night time viewing. ONE WORLD OBSERVATORY rom New York City’s three observation decks, you can watch tiny cars and people scurry about far below, and take in the city’s beautiful, dense, and ever-changing skyline at eye level. There’s nothing like looking down on Manhattan Island and the surrounding waters for a sense of the city’s beauty and sheer magnitude. It’s a view and perspective that you can’t get any other way, whether you choose to visit an obser- vation deck in the daytime, at the magical sunset hour or for the nighttime spectacle of city lights. Not surprisingly, New York City’s observation decks are wildly popular, so consider reserving tickets online ahead of time. By Anne Pyburn Craig TOP OF THE ROCK From the 70-story open-air roof deck atop Rockefeller Center (30 Rockefeller Plaza), opened in 1933, you’ll have a 360-degree view of all of Manhattan and the best views of Central Park, Midtown and Downtown. A mezzanine exhibit illustrates the story of the building and its colorful creator, John Y[\[H\Y]HوB[H\]\[ ٙ\[\\XX[HܙX]YBH][\وHܛ8&\\Y܈Z][[[x&]H\[Y[[[\&\[\ܛ[X[ [[H[x&\H]] ۸&]ܙ]˜X]H\[\Y\[]\][\]X]Y[B\^]ܛ[][8%Y\[ Y[\[\\˜ۘZ]Y\H]H][][HTXYHٙ\š[[YYX]H[H[[ܚ]H[]]܈X\܈YH\وH\X\[\]X\HوH[\HY[\[\HH]H\[H LY][HZ\[\[HZ[]Kٝ\۞X˘B[]Z˘B][ܚ&\]\؜\]ܞH^\Y[H]ۙHܛYH[\ H[ۈY] H[Y[ MH]HY\Z[[[H\\[Z\\K[]]ݙ\ K LY] H[]]܈YHY[HBL ܈[\[ [X^[Xۙ[[ۙH^K[H[]H܋]XZ[[Q\^HوH[YK[\H] L YX\قX[][&\][Y[8%Hܘ\[[H ML ^x&\[[KۘH[x&]H\]Y]HYHܙ]\\Y[Y؜\]ܞK[x&[B\[Y]H[۝YHو]HY]]ۛH\\[\\B]YY[H܈H[\[[YY]ۈ[ˈ۸&]H\\YYBܛY\\B\X\Έ[x&\H\Y[YYBHܚ^ۈ\B]\YK[]HX]]B[ۈ]\H[B]HˈY[x&\B]H[Y XܛH\8&\B^YK]Y] M Y\\]]ž[HZYۋ[HHYX[\\YH [[YHY[B\]\[܈HۘX[ٙYH[HYK[[XYۈYZ[%\\HKLHY[[ܚX[]\][HX\H\HوHZ[[X\[ܙHX]H\\\[Y[]H^\X]H]\[ܙYXBZ[[˸'Hۙ]ܛ؜\]ܞKB][ܚHZ[