New York By Rail 14th ed. - Page 24

HEADING TO MANHATTAN? LOOKING TO SAVE ON YOUR HOTEL ROOM? Ask a Local Thomas Perez is CEO of Alpha Dominche, an international designer and manufacturer of innovative coffee and tea brewing machines, with offices and a design lab in Industry City, Brooklyn. A native of Copenhagen, Denmark, he has lived and worked in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland, but has developed an affinity for all things Brooklyn. For a limited time, Amtrak ® ® ticketholders can enjoy up to 15% off the Best Available Rate exclusively at these six Hilton Worldwide Hotels in New York City. 234 West 42nd Street Upscale, newly renovated hotel located on famous 42nd Street. Request plan code RM. 1568 Broadway The only all-suite hotel on Broadway in Times Square. Request plan code RM1. 569 Lexington Avenue Newly renovated, iconic hotel with prime Midtown East location. Request plan code RM1. 136 West 42nd Street Brand new, boutique- style hotel directly on 42nd Street. Request plan code RM. 790 Eighth Avenue Newly renovated hotel with best Times Square location. Request plan code RM. 851 Eighth Avenue Oversized guestrooms & free breakfast in Times Square. Request plan code RM1. Call 1-800-HILTONS and ask for plan code RM or RM1 or book online at 22 | New York By Rail ” I work in Sunset Park, and moved to Fort Greene, Brooklyn, two years ago, after eight years in Lower Manhat- tan. I love Brooklyn’s neighborhood feel, which is something you don’t have in Manhattan. I love the diversity of Brooklyn’s people and neighborhoods. I discover something new every day. “My favorite places near home are restaurants Madiba, Karasu and Romans, and this little cocktail bar, Dick & Jane’s. In Williamsburg and Greenpoint I’ve found my ff&FR6ffVR63F'( 2W7FFRFWf6B'VFf"&VW"fRF'7Bw&VVB( ĖGF7VB7BbגFR&Vr#7&B7G&VWB &fRF7G&VWBGvff&FR6W2&RFVG&&V6@&VB&7FW"&V7VW'FRƖRWFF"7G2vF&gF2"F>( EFRg'rfFrƖvFW6R&"W&6'FW&FW'&F'FRV"6F6( F"&7V7B&6VG&&Bv6wF7V&R&"W7Bvƶr&V@FR6G( Ğ( 7F'FrF6rVR&Rb'&ǖ&V6W6RFW&^( 26V6F6VSvWfW"GF27FFRWFW7FFf f6F'2fRF6rFVФ&VFRvW"V7B6FP7FW'2vW&PeTBFRV7BfvRBN( 07V6V &BFfB6"FP5@dfBFVvFVG6rF7G&7BGW'6VঀWr&W'2FR@6VFrFRvƖRP`F@W6PPvW 06PFBFPv2FVVRFW6PW@7G&PV&7G&VWBFRvƖPf @V&Ɩ2G&7'FF@W6P0vV0F7G&7BGvƾ( GFN( 2FR&W7@f"FR6'bFRG&vFWW&V6P6W&6v7G&VWBFR6G( ФG&6