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Take Your Bike Onboard Folding bicycles can count as baggage on Amtrak T here are three ways to bring your bike along on Amtrak: In a box, partially disassembled, only on trains and between stations offering checked baggage service: only in seven New York State stations, and on the Lake Shore Limited train. Riders must supply their own tools, be able to remove pedals and turn handlebars on their own and arrive at their departure stations at least 60 minutes before departure to check the bike box. Unboxed, from trainside, only on trains offering checked baggage and to and from stations handling checked baggage. The bike is added to the reservation for a fee. Riders must arrive at the station at least 30 minutes before departure for check-in. Currently, Albany-Rensselaer does not accommodate trainside checked bikes. A collapsed, small-wheeled, folding bicycle counts as one of two carry-on items, but must be smaller than 34”x15”x48”. Some trains on the Northeast Corridor (Boston-New York-DC) offer checked baggage and trainside bicycle carriage. Look for the "Add bike to trip" option when making reservations at (This option does not appear on the mobile website or the app.) Notes for Riders The west end of the Erie Canalway Trail, a popular cycling venue, is in downtown Buffalo, 10 miles from Depew station. Although Exchange Street Station is closer, it doesn’t offer checked baggage, but a folding bike may be permissible. The trail’s east end is in downtown Albany, across the Hudson from Albany-Rensselaer. Bicycles are permitted on the sidepath over the Dunn Memorial Bridge, but roll-on bicycle service is currently not allowed at Rensselaer. For a scenic, historic and relatively easy ride (although it can be physically challenging in places), riders might try the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway, which runs about 20 miles between Albany and Schenectady. However, it's important to note that although Schenectady Station has traditionally accommodated checked baggage, the station is currently closed for renovation. Safety First Riders are responsible for their bikes at all times. Climbing into a car from a low-level platform with a folded bicycle is treacherous. Handrails are your friends! Do your homework regarding route reconnaissance and sensible gear packing, and prepare physically and mentally. Have contingency plans. And as always, ride safely! “ AN EMPOWERING MUSICAL OF THE HIGHEST ORDER! ” A NEW PLAY BY PAULA VOGEL REBECCA TAICHMAN DIRECTED BY A provocative new play with music about a moment of great change in American history and a group of passionate actors who risked everything for their art MUSIC BY 6 - TIME G RAM MY NOMINE E SARA BARE ILLE S ® WA I T R E S S T H E M U S I CA L.C O M BROOKS ATKINSON THEATRE, 256 W. 47 TH ST. “A SUPERBLY REALIZED, REMARKABLY POWERFUL NEW PLAY.” - THE NEW YORK TIMES / 212-239-6200 Groups of 10+ call 866-302-0995 CORT THEATRE 138 W 48 th St, New York New York By Rail | 13