New York By Rail 14th ed. - Page 12

DISCOUNTS , REWARDS and Services Savings and Special Offers for your Amtrak Travel EVERYDAY DISCOUNTS SENIORS: Travelers aged 62 and over receive a 15% discount on the lowest applicable rail fare on most Amtrak trains. Valid government-issued I.D. may be requested as proof of age. amtrak . com CHILDREN: Kids aged 2 through 12 receive a 50% discount off most Amtrak rail fares to all our destinations, all year long, when accompanied by at least one person paying an adult rail fare. Up to two children’s discounts are permitted in conjunction with each adult traveler. amtrak . com MILITARY: Active-duty military personnel, their spouses and their dependents receive a 10% discount off most Amtrak rail fares anywhere in the U.S. Valid active-duty United States Armed Forces identification card is required. amtrak . com GROUP AND CONVENTION TRAVEL: (at Amtrak’s discretion) Passengers traveling together in groups of 20 or more. amtrak . com MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTS Reservations and any itinerary changes for the following member- ship discounts must be made at least three days in advance. AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION AAA members and their immediate family members (spouse and/or dependent children) are eligible to receive a 10% discount on the lowest applicable rail fare for Amtrak travel, as part of the Auto Club’s “Show Your Card and Save” program. aaa . com / amtrak ; 800-763-9900 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RAILROAD PASSENGERS Members of the NARP receive a 10% discount off most Amtrak rail fares to all our destinations, all year long. narprail . org VETERANS ADVANTAGE™ CARD Veterans Advantage™ members receive a 15% discount off most Amtrak fares anywhere in the U.S., all year long. veteransadvantage . com Amtrak Guest Rewards® is a customer loyalty program. Membership is free and allows you to earn points for your Amtrak travel. The points you earn are redeemable for free Amtrak travel, hotel stays, car rentals, retail and entertainment gift cards, and more. More information: 800-307-500 G&G&fVvFWr&7FFR6VV7B6W'f6R&WFW2Bg&ФWr&7FFRFG&VB7B&W'B6FfƖBf"G&fVVR#bF'R3#F2ffW"2W6W6fVǒf&RffV6BG&6Х6VG2&RƖ֗FVBBRFGf6R&W6W'fF2&WV&VBDU$2B4DD3D2ddU"2dĔBd"RU$4TBdbDR$TuT"eT’ETB$d$RD2ddU"2U4U4dTŒd$RBE$4dDRdRtT%4DRD2ddU"2dĔBd"4R$UEtTT#tn( 3#dBdĔBd"E$dT$UEtTTTb3$4UE2ŒDRdtrDDU3>( 3D#rt#r#dr#r4UrE4Ur5Cr##$cr#R#tcr#.( 3#DDT3r#( 33DT3r$ddT#dT#3#$#B#TEd4R$U4U%dD2$P$UT$TBԔTbddRRD2$"DE$dT4TDr2ĔԕDTC4TE2B$Rd$RE$2BDU2d$U2$R5T$T5BDd$ĕEUD"4E$TtU2.( 3"44T4ETBBbd$RD2ddU"2dĔBd"E$dTDRdtrE$3D$D4T$R4U%d4RUDTU$U52BRTbD2ddU"2dĔBd"444TE2œ%U4U52452Uu$DU2U$ԕEDTBD2ddU"2dĔBd"E$dTDe$4DU2tDDR5DDRbUp$44TDU2E$dTe$Ur$5DDRDE$TB5B$U%BTT$T2D2ddU"2B4$$RtDDU"D44TBddU"DDDDDPD44TB$U5E$5D2D2ddU"245T$T5BD$U5E$5D2$4UE2B$TeTB%TU2DBŒDDRERbd$RU$44TBE$dT2$$DTB$RХEtTTE$TB5B$U%BTT$T2d$U2$UDU2B44TETU2$R5T$T5BD4tRtDUBD4R4RE$dT2$TuT4tU2DDRDU$%$PU$ԕEDTBDU"$U5E$5D2ŒE$D$D4T$R4U%d4RUDTU$U52BRTb$R$Tt5DU$TB4U%d4R$2bDRD$Х$B54TtU"4%$DऒdRUr$2&Vv7FW&VBG&FV&B6W'f6R&bFRWr&7FFRFW'FVBbV6֖2FWfVVCW6VBvFW&֗76F26W'f6R27W'FVB'gVG2FRf&R'FRWr&7FFRFW'FVBbG&7'FFWr&'&Du$TB%4$5DU"t$