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Lean In by Tim Tebow As Christians, we have to be aware of the world around us. We have to take the focus off ourselves and our problems and do something for someone else. Not only is doing this part of our identity in Jesus, but it also helps to put things in perspective. I think some people are waiting for this crazy revolution, a mind-blowing revelation, or some big event like a natural disaster to step up and show the love of Jesus. During a natural disaster, sure, it’s easy to see the need. But I’ve learned that opportunities are plentiful every day, sometimes right in front of our eyes—in our own communities, even in our own families. We just need to be ready to say yes. We need to infiltrate the places that desperately need the hope of God. We need to be in the hospitals, homeless shelters, orphanages, and homes down the street or across town. You don’t have to be skilled at carpentry, have a medical background, or know how to use a commercial- grade oven to help another person. When you use what you’ve got, knowing God’s hand is in it, you can bring light wherever you go. Recently, I spoke at Aggie Stadium in Albertville, Alabama. About ten thousand people showed up. Most were students from a total of twelve local middle and high schools, plus some parents and others. I learned on the way there that a young girl had overdosed on drugs that weekend. It was a heartbreaking time for the community. Fifteen minutes into my talk, I started getting disappointed with myself. I didn’t think what I was saying was coming across powerfully. My talk was missing something. It was frustrating. I remember staring into the crowd of ten thousand people. I saw hundreds of people—young, old, male, female—who had physical disabilities or suffered from serious medical conditions. I wanted so desperately to give them hope in my message, but felt I was failing miserably. And then, at that fifteen-minute mark, God took over my babble. I felt Him saying, “Timmy, remember why you are here. It’s not about how fancy your words are or how great you sound. It’s about having a heart for these people like I do.” In other words, I had to step aside. 10 • New Year New You Sale When we think we have power in our words alone, they will fall flat. If God’s power is in us and speaks through us, however, the words we speak will never fail. I ended the talk by giving an invitation to anyone who wanted to trust in Jesus. Hundreds walked over to a small building on the side where many volunteers were waiting to pray with and encourage them. On the way back home, I wrote this down: I went into this event knowing God but trusting myself instead of knowing myself and trusting God. When I remembered the message wasn’t about me, He took my average ability and my pride and brought so many people to Him. We serve a big God who will use even what stands in our way, whether our faults or our insecurities, and turn it around for His glory. That’s how great He is! Yes! Excerpted from This Is the Day: Reclaim Your Dream. Ignite Your Passion. Live Your Purpose. Copyright © 2018 by Timothy R. Tebow. Used by permission of WaterBrook, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC. more to life Visit for more articles that bring you more to life! 20 % 20 OFF % OFF This Is the Day Tim Tebow New York Times bestselling sports star and media icon motivates readers to stop post- poning dreams and start making them hap- pen now. (Penguin) HC 9780525650300 $25.00 SALE $20.00