New Wave Textiles Craft News 2018 - Page 6

THE EMOTION SERIES. In order to push your limits, you must balance hard workouts with adequate rest and downtime. Building on this fact, Emotion offers a full range of casual sportswear made of a soft polyester and cotton blend. Athletic everyday items that help you recharge before reaching for the next level. For the full product range check out the On Stock catalog. WHY COTTON. DOESN’T CRAFT TRULY LOATHE COTTON? Usually we do. Performance is key to us and since cotton doesn’t offer any moisture transport and thus tend to effect your performance, we have pretty much banned cotton from our products. However, there are moments and garments in which cotton can play a positive role, especially in sportswear. After all, cotton can be soft, smooth and really comfortable. And during casual downtime moments, comfort goes a long a way. We have therefore chosen to add some cotton to our Emotion concept. But since we would never give up function, the cotton is of course mixed with polyester. The result is garments that provide excellent comfort as well as good-enough function for their intended use. 6