New Wave Textiles Craft News 2018 - Page 43

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? ACRYLIC see Synthetic fibers. POLYAMIDES Synthetic fiber. BONDED FABRIC are two differnt layers of fabric combined into one. POLYESTER is the most important fiber of all synthetic fibers, see synthetic fibers. CANVAS is an extremly heavy duty fabric, often made of cotton. Used for making sails, bags, shoes and other funktions where sturdiness is required. PU is an abbreviation of Polyurethane, which is a water resistant film (or coating) used for example on outwear as jackets and bags. CVC (Chief Value Cotton) is a mix of high quality cotton and polyester, where cotton is more than 50%. REGENATE FIBRE is the name of art silk developed of the cellulose fibre. Most common is viscose, modal and acetate. EASY CARE is an expression that means easy to handle and manage through time. The product has been treated mechanically or with chemicals to make ironing or pressing easier. The treatment will fade away over time. RIBBING is a pattern in which vertical stripes of stockinette stitch alternative with vertical stripes of reverse stockinette stitch. It gives more elasticity. ELASTANE is a common name for a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. One of the most famous is Lycra ® . RINGSPUN FABRIC means of taking the rougher feel of raw cotton and making it smoother to the touch. Essentially, the process for producing ringspun fabric involved using a spinning method, such as on a spinning wheel, to create a slightly finer thread. RIP-STOP is a light-weight nylon fabric with inter- woven ripstop reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern. FLEECE is the common name for a soft fabric, usually made of polyester. Have a short pile and the fabric is both warm and breathable. GAUGE is the unit of measure that refers to the knitting machines fineness size. INTERLOCK is a joined closely knit textile fabric, mostly used as lining. COMBED COTTON is a soft version of cotton, a method where the shorter fibres have been removed leaving the fibres well paralleled. The yarn takes colouring better, will get stronger and softer. CARDED COTTON compared to combed cotton, this process is not as smooth, having more fibres “sticking out” and is often a little bit rougher. SINGLE JERSEY a fine fabric most often used to make T-shirts. SOFT SHELL is a term used on soft materials with the ability to block water partially, and comes with different degrees of water resistance and breath ability. SYNTHETIC FIBERS is a collection name of all fibres that been artifcial produced out of synthetic polymers. Most common is polyester, polyamides and acrylic. TACTEL is a trademarked brand produced by Invista. It has a cotton like feel. LYCRA ® is a registrated brand from INVISTA, see Elastane. T/C is a shortname for polyester/cotton mix, where polyester makes ca 65%. MESH is a ”net” looking textile, often used in the inside of sport garments. MICRO FLEECE is the same as fleece but with a shorter pile. See fleece. TWILL comes from a method of weaving textiles that have a high wear and tear quality. Jeans, workwear and some shirts are often made from twill. VISCOSE, see regenerate fibres. VELCRO® is a brand name of fabric hook-and- loop fasteners, but it’s so well known that it has become the generic term for a type of product. OPEN-END SPINNING is a technology for creating yarn without using a spindle. It’s not suitable for thin yarn. PIQUÉ is a weaving style, normally used with cotton. Characterized by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing. 43