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52 | J . H A RV E S T & F RO S T | 2 0 1 8  j.ha rve s t & f ros t document folder Document folder with a stylish combination of leather and felt. Our beloved J.Harvest & Frost logo are embossed nicely in the leather in the front, between 2 leather straps. They are for the convenience open, so you can place your daily newspaper there when on the run. The inside of the folder has lining in felt and multiple open pockets. It also shows some nice contrast color of royal blue felt behind the pocket, to give it a the extra twist. • LEATHER HANDLE AT TOP • METAL ZIPPER WITH LEATHER ZIP PULLER. • MULTIPLE UTILITY POCKETS • IPAD DEPARTMENT. • BUSINESS CARD HOLDER. • SIZE: 36 X 27 X 6CM. VOLUME: 3.5 L. chf 129,00 j.ha rve s t & f ros t briefcase This full leather briefcase is designed with multiple utility pockets and an adjustable leather shoulder strap. Our beloved J.Harvest & frost logo are embossed in front. Distinguished features like open straps in side for newspaper or umbrella, and a removable organizer ma Ʌѥ)ȁȁ̸Qͥ́ݥѠɕ䁙а)ѕȁѵаЁЁѡͥݥѠɅ)ȁЁ́əհх+$Q]<1Q!HQ=@!91L9Q ! 11Q!H)M!=U1HMQI@+$1Q!HAI=AI%Q=HQ+$=A8MQIAL%8M%L=H9]MAAH=HU5 I11+$QUI5Q11% i%AL]%Q 1Q!Hi%@AU11IL+$I5=Y 1P=I9%iHL I%1MQ% 9L+$A= -P=H1AQ=@i%AAHA= -P%8M%+$M%iĸԁ`ԁ` 4Y=1U50))ٔ́Ѐɽ́)ݕ)eȁəЁɅٕɅѕɅͥ䁍д)ѽم́ݥѠх́ͽЁ䁱ѡȸ=ѡȁ)ɕ́́хѕЁѽх͡ձȁɅ)ɅѥMѵЁݥѠȁЁѡͥ ٕͥ͡)͠хɥ̸%ٕͥ́ɕͽЁɥɥ)iѕɥȁЁݥѠ履͠Ʌѥɕи+$Id 9YL]%Q 1 ,1Q!HQ%1L9Q]<1Q!H)Q=@!91L+$I5=Y 19e1=8M!=U1HMQI@]%Q 1Q!HQ%1L+$i%AAA= -QLP=UQM%āM!=AIQ59P9)A= -P%8M%L+$5Q11% i%AL]%Q 1Q!Hi%@AU11IL+$1Q!HAI=AI%Q=HQ+$%9QI%=H%L1%9]%Q A=1di%@A= -PPQ!M%)]10%L1%9]%Q I=e0 1U1P+$M!10 =QQ=8 9YL!% 9M%Qd=h!91L) =IQ%=8MQIALI%9=I  =I9IL1Q!H+$M%i0ԁ`\ԁ` 4Y=1U50)ȁ́聴܁́ЀЁȁLȁԁ؁ȁЁ))ȁЁلȁ́Ĺԁ́ȃ́ȁ؁Ё