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VentAir™ represents the latest in cutting-edge fabric systems. It’s a highly advanced system that offers water and wind protection in combination with excellent ventilation and moisture transport. The system includes three fabric categories with unique characteristics for unique demands. VENTAIR® X wind fabric offers excellent wind protection, ventilation and comfort in windy conditions. Requirement: WP > 8.000 MVP > 8.000 WP: 10000 MVP: 15000 2336 2395 9999 2900 2430 1903556 M | 1903557 W BORMIO SOFT SHELL JACKET Lightweight softshell jacket made of stretchy and breathable fabric for optimal fit, comfort and freedom of movement. 56 2395 2336 2900 9999 MEN: S-4XL WOMEN: S-XXL WINDPROOF LIGHTWEIGHT 2430