New Wave Norway AS Craft Teamwear 2019 - Page 113

Step by step. 1. Contact Craft with your request, or for help with guidance Specify which products you are interested in and if you have any special wishes concerning the design 2. Establish the terms and conditions as well as the customers’ needs Craft will come back with the terms and conditions for the custom de- sign. This includes minimum quantity, starting cost and delivery time. In this faze we also establish the following: - - - - Article number Design PMS-colors All graphic elements such as logos in vector-format: AI/EPS/PDF 3. Design process Our graphic team, who will help and guide you through the entire pro- cess, will create a unique one of a kind design for your team och com- pany. After your approval of the design we send this to our factory. 4. Approval of design Craft will come back to you with official templates/sketches from our factory. These will have to be approved by you as a customer. When the confirmation is done we will produce samples (one size per article) to make sure that the logos and colors are as required. It takes ap- proximately two-three weeks to produce samples, after the template is approved. 5. Production of samples The samples will be sent to you for approval. 6. Approval of samples When the samples, together with the design are approved, the production can start. 7. Order Send the order to us as soon as it’s ready. All orders should be sent to Craft in form of the dispatched order sheet. We will be able to make a final delivery date once the samples and the template/design on all parts are approved by you. During peak seasons our factory is under a lot of pressure production wise; therefore, please make sure to place the order well in time. 8. Production and delivery The delivery time will differ, depending what kind of products being pro- duced. Please note that the delivery times below are valid after approval of samples. Bike: 9-10 weeks XC: 12-13 weeks T&F: 9-10 weeks 113