New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 6 - Page 52

ing to captivate you with her lat- est EP called Enter the Dream- land. A quick probe reveals a lot of intelligence and life behind her quirky sonic vision that of- ten draws comparisons to Björk or Lorde or Perry or Lennox. I’m ready to climb on board... We’re warming up to the 20-year-old Anja Kotar and her new single, “How To Be Cool.” The track, which is laden with electronic 80’s drums inspired by Phil Collins, Prince vocal fil- ters, The Weeknd synths, and Lana Del Rey lyricism and finds her pushing the boundaries on what pop music should sound like on her debut album, NO- MAD. The Slovenia native is in- fectious, bouyant and piercing and she’s sure to freeze you in your tracks with her latest entry into the pop market... Ethos hail from Rome, Georgia and they get dark and dirty on their upcoming Shade & Soil that does nothing but portray this talented three-piece in a very positive light. The band is known for their fusion of heavy rock riffs, classical piano, syncopated Watch the video for “How to be Cool” by Anja Kotar NJ STAGE 2017 - Vol. 4 No. 6 INDEX NEXT ARTICLE 52