New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 6 - Page 48

Eighties icons Warrant ruled the day when pretty boy Jani Lane captained their ship rising on the charts on the strength of songs like “Heaven,” “Some- times She Cries,” and “Down Boys.” His unfortunate and un- timely death has required the band to regroup. With new singer Robert Mason taking over the captain’s chair the direction changes a bit on Louder Harder Faster. When you drop the nee- dle on this 11-track collection the spinning slab of muscular hard rock definitely turns back the clock to a time when hair metal was on top of the world. There is one problem though. The current era of nostalgia for this musical genre has seen doz- ens of bands from the era re- lease new material in a sustained manner that is now going on longer that their original time in the sun. Perhaps it’s too much of a good thing? The output sounds a bit dated and there’s no real arresting tracks here to grabyou. It would be more inter- esting if these legacy acts would evolve with the times instead of Watch the video for “Louder Harder Faster” by Warrant NJ STAGE 2017 - Vol. 4 No. 6 INDEX NEXT ARTICLE 48