New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 6 - Page 43

in) a rancher with dreams of be- coming a musician. At the coun- try flavored “Austin Rodeo” he rescues and falls in love at first sight with Texy a pretty cowgirl whose mother is protective and wealthy. She sends the two to the Shadow Queen presuming the fortune teller will discourage the young couple. Although the Shadow Queen does not paint a rosy picture for the two she tells them in a rocking blues way that their relationship is like “Texas Weather” - to find out whether or not they stick together check out Austin Texas The Rock Opera. Brand-new from Audio Fidel- ity is the self-titled debut album from the legendary Leon Rus- sell on striking 180 gram blue virgin vinyl. AF produces beauti- fully designed packages that are faithful to the original releases with even more of the best clas- sic recorded concert and studio performances of all time slated to receive their treatment. Even though Leon left us last year his music lives on through this Fine Art Photography all you need. peace/love/flower/power