New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 5 - Page 61

loving than ever before.” Next, “Goodnight Waltz” is a senti- mental and slower piece allow- ing Raul’s rich vocals to take cen- ter stage. At times Malo sounds like Elvis fronting a Tex-Mex bluegrass band - it does not get more genre bending than that. The sassy and smart “Damned (If You Do),” the accordion-fueled shuffle of “I Will Be Yours,” and the old-school styled closer “For The Ages” are other highlights. The Mavericks unique sound that brilliantly blends elements of blues, country, folk, Latino, soul and rock are polished and prevalent on Brand New Day. They continue to solidify them- selves as a seminal musical force, both live and in the studio. Buzz Cason has a rich history as an artist, producer, publisher and songwriter. His tunes have been covered by the likes of The Beatles, Gloria Estefan, Pearl Jam and U2 to name just a few. Cason’s latest release aptly titled Passion proves that this expe- rienced, multi-instrumentalist’s Keep it focused on Spotlight Central for the best in Jersey entertainment news and reviews Look for us @