New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 5 - Page 49

We vs C was conceived from interviews with 22 strong wom- en. It is a song-cycle/ballet conceived and created by Mark Roxey with original music by songwriting team Robert Mag- gio (music) and Matthew Hardy (lyrics), and original choreogra- phy by Mark Roxey. “I’m honored and touched to produce a project like this that celebrates the lives of Breast Cancer survivors and all who are facing the challenge of any kind of cancer”, said Mark Roxey, cho- reographer and executive artis- tic director of Roxey Ballet. At least 10 of the survivors will share the stage during the per- formance with the professional dancers of Roxey Ballet.The dancers will be accompanied by live music, performed by Gina Milo, Desirée Rodriguez and Au- relia Williams. The project began in March 2016, when Mark Roxey par- NJ STAGE 2017 - Vol. 4 No. 5 ticipated in a discussion with administrative members of the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton Foundation, and the YWCA Breast Cancer Re- search Center of Princeton. The talk centered around how Roxey Ballet might collaborate with breast cancer survivors to help them regain confidence and a sense of their new bodies after surgery. Last August, the survi- vors told their stories at Roxey Ballet’s Canal Studio Theatre. On June 4th, it will finally come together during two inspiring performances. “This production celebrates the lives of 22 women, but over 300,000 women each year re- ceive a cancer diagnosis. It’s universal to all of us. It’s a perfor- mance that reaches out to every- one”, added Roxey. “The art of dance is at its best when you are able to create meaning, when you can do something much INDEX NEXT ARTICLE 49