New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 5 - Page 28

this is a pointless detail that’s only referred to whenever some- one is killed and the movie then cuts to their grieving spouse. By the third time this happens it’s unintentionally amusing, bring- ing back memories of that run- ning gag in Austin Powers of seeing the mourning buddies of every faceless henchman that meets their demise. There are also far too many protagonists, and it becomes difficult to keep track of who exactly is still alive at any given NJ STAGE 2017 - Vol. 4 No. 5 time. One character simply dis- appears from the proceedings, as though his death was left on the cutting room floor, or the ac- tor wandered off set and failed to return. I suspect quite a lot of material didn’t make this cut, as the editing is often jarring, presenting us with characters suddenly appearing in new loca- tions the film hasn’t established. One of the main gripes both critics and audiences had with Prometheus was how inexplica- bly dumb its protagonists were. INDEX NEXT ARTICLE 28