New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 5 - Page 20

New Jersey Hall of Fame. New Jersey is about family and Taylor Ham” — to which several audi- ence members shout out, “Pork roll!” The audience cheers for Li- otta when he accepts his award, acknowledging, “New Jersey has loads of great people.” Next, Kelly Ripa is introduced by her father, Joe Ripa, who informs the audience that his daughter, Kelly, “is Jersey tough.” Proud to be honored by her beloved Garden State, Kelly says, “Being from New Jersey is NJ STAGE 2017 - Vol. 4 No. 5 a feeling — it’s a state of mind.” She also admits that she always seems to instinctively know when she meets someone else from Jersey, suggesting they are somehow “drawn to each other.” Following spirited applause for Kelly and her dad, Wyclef Jean takes the stage to perform a song he recorded in 1975 with The Fugees — listed as one of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time — Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry,” deftly ac- companied by Glen Burtnik and INDEX NEXT ARTICLE 20