New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 5 - Page 136

How come? Too much drama. Too many per- sonality clashes. Too many egos honestly. I love to play music … but I’d rather get that call that says, ‘Hey, can you fill in for this guy tonight?’ There’s no pressure on me to make sure I do every- thing 110 percent right. I did four gigs in one day. I started at the Stone Pony with Laura Crisci, then I went over to the Colts Neck Rock Fest and played with this band called The Itch. I’d never met the guys. I had to use Facebook photos to try to find them in the crowd. We never practiced. Did that. Then I went over in Spotswood, the Cambridge Inn, they were hav- ing a 15th anniversary party, so I was fooling around over there a little bit. Then I came home, and I took my shoes off, and I got a call, ‘Hey, our drummer didn’t show up. Can you come down?’ Why do the media stuff when you NJ STAGE 2017 - Vol. 4 No. 5 could be playing more gigs and making more money as a musician than as a media person because it doesn’t pay? What is about the media thing that makes taking fewer gigs worthwhile, especially given the fact that music gigs pay and the media gigs don’t? I am in one band called Boss Ra- dio AM Gold, BRAG. What we do is recreate an AM radio broadcast with a live band using the music from ’66 to ’76. And I’m the radio voice. We have three drummers in the band. We have a drummer on the kit. We have another drum- mer who plays percussion but also plays guitar. And we have myself on percussion, and I’m the radio voice. I’m the (disc jockey voice kicks in), ‘Boss jock from BRAG ra- dio.’ We go from one song into the next, boom, boom, boom, boom. At some gigs, we have a 30-foot video screen, where we have videos that correspond with the songs. We do the commercials, the jingles. We have all that stuff. INDEX NEXT ARTICLE 136