New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 5 - Page 125

He told me, “I wanted to show in a massive 31 minute work for large orchestra what Medicare meant to a musical artist whose life had been dedicated to mak- ing his best possible musical contribution to humanity. And there could be no better time in our history than now, for a well publicized, complete perfor- mance of this work. “I had to use the capabilities of a very large orchestra with such instrumentation as contra bas- soon, bass clarinet, vibraphone, English horn, gongs, chimes, and many more instruments to even touch on the significance of the medical care for such conditions as heart repair. I’ve been able to play and write for five more years now as a direct result. A spokes- man at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services told me, ‘This is music to our ears.’” Derwyn’s love of jazz began in childhood with jazz sax. His wife Lia Di Stefano, a graphic artist, told me that, “When Derwyn decided to be a full-time musi- Fine Art Photography all you need. peace/love/flower/power