New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 5 - Page 113

“My only hope is to make a lot of money and get a job a nose job,” said Calvin. “Of all the or- gans to be well-endowed!” This might have been the first time I had ever enjoyed a musi- cal that wasn’t a pure rock based musical. In the review, I wrote, “I found myself laughing out loud more times in two hours than I can ever remember. I’m not usu- ally one for musical theatre, but this play by Barry Wyner has me changing the way I feel about the genre.” Getting the Band Back Togeth- er (2013) George Street presented the World Premiere of the musical by Ken Davenport, which revolved around a guy turning 40 who was just fired from his job on Wall Street and moves back into his mother’s house in Sayreville, NJ. After researching Davenport, I knew I wanted to talk to him. After I mentioned that the play sort of takes a dig at New Jer- sey, Davenport explained that the state has given the world Scene from Getting The Band Back Together. Photo by T. Charles Erickson NJ STAGE 2017 - Vol. 4 No. 5 INDEX NEXT ARTICLE 113