New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 3 - Page 126

Jersey Jams tial EPs. From the opening burst of the namesake “Space Power Spowder / “Health Palm” / Snif- Over – Watch Destroying Evil Rats” fling Indie Kids Spowder is without question one to the closing artistry of the title track, the forceful four-piece take of New Jersey’s best bands. Live, the listener on spowderful jour- they are tops, especially when front man Declan McCleary bangs ney that will clear the sinuses and the tambourine on his skull. May- do the soul a world of good. I es- pecially love the buzz-saw attack be that’s why his brain is so bril- and rapid-fire pummel of “Pulp,” liantly warped. It certainly makes the staccato grunge of “The Man for an exciting show, along with drummer Jenna Fairey’s and bass- with Two Mouths,” the momentous ist Gillian Smith’s thunder ‘n’ light- Sabbath-like sludge of “Let’s Skin Ruby,” and the impressive high- ning rhythms ala Husker Du, and guitarist Jamie Houghton’s sweet pitched vocal and musical restraint of the title track. tastefulness amidst a barrage of Celebrate this awesome record, Stooges-like chaos. as well as McCleary’s birthday, on With their full-length debut, April 20 at Golds in New Bruns- “Health Palm,” on the esteemed wick (ask a punk). Also performing Sniffling Indie Kids, Spowder do a great job of living up to the live will be Glazer, Kult of Mary and show and demonstrating a studio from Connecticut, Bilge Rat. maturity well beyond their ini- ONLINE ALBUM PREMIERE: Click here for “Health Palm” by Spowder NJ STAGE 2017 - Vol. 4 No. 3 INDEX NEXT ARTICLE 126