New Jersey Stage 2017: Issue 3 - Page 121

fan base when we started out, and … luckily for us, they are coming back. The fans are growing show by show and more and more as the new songs are getting radio play and is spreading thru social media. It’s a huge boost for the morale and keeps us striving to get better and release more music. Marra: I was surprised so many faces came out of the woodwork. We’ve had people come as far as California and Chicago to see the band again. Why and how are you having more fun than ever? Potts: I’m playing our music with four of my closest friends, and as I said before, the crowds and the re- sponse to the music. On top of ev- erything, I book and run the band, so with every show I book and all the social media I get to do for the band, I’m having more fun! Marra: There’s no career goals as it was when we were young. We are making music for us and en- NJ STAGE 2017 - Vol. 4 No. 3 joying it. There’s no battle to be- come a rock star. It’s all about leav- ing a legacy for ourselves. Sal, what does your endorsement by Oriolo Guitars entail? Marra: I get some new guitars and maybe even get to put my ideas into the new models of the guitars. I also get to be in the pro- mo at National Association of Mu- sic Merchants (NAMM) and other conventions, so my name will get out there and so will the name of the band. The endorsement already is im- pacting the band by leading to a celebration that has allowed you to headline House of Independents. How will the endorsement impact the band and you in the future? Marra: I might get an opportu- nity to meet and play with some well-known guitar players that are also with Oriolo, which in turn will hopefully lead to more shows and popularity for CSJ. INDEX NEXT ARTICLE 121