New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 11 - Page 94

Please, Governor Christie! Use that veto power Cuz you don’t like fruitcakes I know you won’t cower In a war of attrition Create jobs in the kitchen Makin’ the fruitcake It’s hard and it’s heavy When it lands it explodes No mortar, no shrapnel Just raisins and cloves War could be easy And cleaning up breezy Hit ‘em with fruitcake (bridge or middle section) Make all the Middle East Safe for De-mo-ra-cy Picture the Fox News headline: “U.S. Constipates Enemy!” This humble bread Of fruit and flour Could fin’ly have Its shining hour With a new purpose It could resurface As a recruit cake! (Oh, yeahhhhh!) (Tag with a big finish!) Just wrap it in foil (da da da da!) It ain’t gonna spoil “ “ It’s dark and it’s rich “ “ Like Arabian oil ““ I’m a pa-tri-ot who “” Has altered her view ‘’ “ Hurray for fruitcaaaaaaaaaaaake! (Boom! Boom!) Rosemary Conte is a jazz/pop singer and voice coach in Matawan. She welcomes questions and comments at 2015 - ISSUE 11 ARTICLES 94