New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 11 - Page 9

a sense of timeliness, a sense of where we are at any given moment. The tour, the album, and everything about the record is meant to feel like a moment frozen in time. Midnight only lasts for a moment, but the feeling of midnight lasts for the rest of the night. You get the sense that now we’ve crossed the point of no return. Once it’s midnight, then it’s one in the morning, two in the morning. Suddenly your space time continuum shifts in some way and your perception of time changes.” Midnight was recorded and mixed at Barefoot Studios in Hollywood with producer Eric Valentine, who has worked with bands like Good Charlotte, Third Eye Blind, Smash Mouth, Queens of the Stone Age, and Nickel Creek. Even though the record is a solo project for Potter, members of The Nocturnals (guitarists Scott Tournet and Benny Yurco, drummer Matt Burr, and Watch Grace Potter Perform “Empty Heart” 2015 - ISSUE 11 ARTICLES 9