New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 11 - Page 84

Judy Blume, Norma Fox Mazer, Margaret Willey, Lois Lowry. JD Salinger is a big touchstone, all of his Glass family stories, and Ray Bradbury, too. One of my absolute favorite YA books is Midnight Hour Encores by Bruce Brooks, which I still go back to for inspiration. It’s a book about a very self-assured young cellist being raised by her hippie father, and she’s had all this success, but she’s never met her mother. I’m always hoping that, one of these days, I’m going to write a book half as good as Midnight Hour Encores. I’ve written an “adult” novel, but it didn’t sell – yet! I like writing YA – I like the lack of cynicism. And, in YA, my chronic immaturity is finally an asset! still play music - solo or with a band - these days? If not, do you miss it? I’m still playing a little, but just in my apartment. The neighbors are thrilled. Yeah, I miss the camaraderie of playing in bands, and the traveling was fun, but I don’t miss lugging amps through the snow and getting paid in beer tickets. If you could be your choice of a rock and roll star, famous poet, or a best-selling author… which would you choose? Hey, I’m already all of those things and a medical receptionist. I’m the total package! Well, “best-selling” is a bit of a stretch, and fame is relative, but you feel me. I’ve done it all. And what a life it’s been! Frankly, I’m ready to retire to a life of I first met you from your days sun worship and golf in Miami in Steel Pier Sinners.  Do you Beach like my hero, Iggy Pop. 2015 - ISSUE 11 ARTICLES 84