New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 11 - Page 67

record’s liner notes to fully appreciate the gift that this music is. “Almost Gone” is haunting as Walter shares “I won’t last too long” a point punctuated by a harmonica plus potent riffs and rhythms. The tension grows with the sound of an ambulance that moves into more ominous licks and lyrics in “Omaha.” Showing a sensitive side in Trout’s struggle is “Please Take Me Home,” which is softer in tone and underlined by soaring guitar leads. The aptly titled Battle Scars is a heavy yet hopeful record that ends with Trout triumphantly stating on the last track that he’s “Gonna Live Again.” Guitarist Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, Night Ranger & TSO) has enough clout in his own right but he takes no chances on his latest solo project 13. Joel’s 11-track CD is packed with power chords and an impressive list of artists including two strong lead singers Russell Al- Watch the video for “Until I Left You” by Joel Hoekstra 2015 - ISSUE 11 ARTICLES 67