New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 11 - Page 32

It’s at what seems another random Hollywood shindig that Stock encounters a fledgling actor, James Dean (Dane DeHaan), a mumbling, slouchy short-ass a million miles from the Burt Lancasters and John Waynes of the world. Stock sees something refreshing in not just Dean’s appearance and mannerisms, but his desire to stay out of the Hollywood limelight, and pitches a photo-shoot to Life’s photo editor, John G. Morris (Joel Edg- erton), who is unconvinced but approves the request anyway. Nailing down Dean proves more difficult however. Corbijn and screenwriter Luke Davies never shove it in our faces, but there’s a fascinating dynamic between Life’s protagonists. Stock is in search of fame; Dean is determined to avoid it. The yin to each other’s yang, both men initially jump to the wrong conclusions about each other. Dean views Stock Watch the trailer for Life 2015 - ISSUE 11 ARTICLES 32