New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 11 - Page 26

show is full of Jersey jokes. If anyone is going to like it it’s going to be them. I know these people; I lived there for many years; this is their cup of tea. Then David Saint read it and we did a reading and he immediately said he wanted to produce this in the next season. So that began my relationship with George Street Playhouse. David Saint and I have become collaborators and friends. And I think just because I grew up here and went to college in New Brunswick, these are my people. When I write, I speak to them. How did you and David Bryan first start working together? I know you’re about the same age; you didn’t meet at Rutgers did you? No, we are the same age and we went to Rutgers at the same time, but he only went for maybe a half a year and then went on to Juilliard. He was pre-med at Rutgers, but was always a piano prodigy too. I had written the first draft of Memphis and it was about the birth of rock and roll. I knew some great theatre composers, but I thought I would love a real Run Banner Ads Here! For just $50 a month, your 300x250 banner ad runs in the magazine AND in rotation at Click here for more info 2015 - ISSUE 11 ARTICLES 26