New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 11 - Page 12

me vibrate with anticipation and adrenaline, so I channeled it into this heavy boogie song —it goes right for the throat and says, ‘Own your existence on earth, because who knows what’s gonna happen next.’ That solitary moment guided everything that followed, and ‘Alive Tonight’ was the beginning of it.” Grace is excited to bring these songs to life alongside the music she’s written for her band over the past 13 years. Her tour includes stops at BergenPAC in Englewood, NJ and the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park. She describes the upcoming tour as a “dynamic combination of rock and roll, psychedelic explorations, pop music, dancing, sitting down, and standing up” — a little of everything. “There are a lot of very passionate and powerful moments in the show that play out for me like a movie,” she explained. “I like to write out the setlist ac- Listen to “Alive Tonight” by Grace Potter 2015 - ISSUE 11 ARTICLES 12