New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 77

vibrant violin stanzas from Ponty. “And You and I” wears its familiar song structure punctuated with colorful piano parts that give the piece a different flavor as does a jazzy re-branding of “Roundabout”. The magical “Infinite Mirage” is a new track incorporating Ponty’s classic tune “Mirage” with Jon’s distinctive vocals. Like a bag full of Halloween candy Better Late Than Never is full of surprises and sweets... With a name like Blackie Law- less there may not be a more frightening frontman in rock and with their latest release Golgatha W.A.S.P. seem intent on trying to scare the skull right out of you. The album opens with a shocking and rocking “Scream” that sets the pace for this powerfully produced platter. “Shotgun” is a blast while “Miss You” is a monumental ballad with both showcasing a loud and lively Lawless.