New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 7

“You’ve better be ready for a ride because the scenes are terrifying and they’re real.” If the truth is stranger than fiction, perhaps reality is more suspenseful. That premise is put to the test in the play Charlie Victor Romeo. Written by Robert Berger, Patrick Daniels, and Irving Gregory, the play opens the 11th season for South Camden Theatre Company in October. Charlie Victor Romeo takes actual transcripts from the “black box” cockpit voice recorders of six airplanes which all faced emergency and sometimes fatal situations. Actors relive these terrifying moments in the sky exactly as they played out in real life. This fascinating play won a pair of Drama Desk Awards in 2000, including one for Outstanding Unique Theatrical Experience. South Camden Theatre Company’s production is the regional premiere of this fine work, which is rarely performed. The cast includes Eric Carter, Kevin Doyle, Jason Cutts, Stacy Skinner, Tyler S. Elliott, Cindy Starcher, and Paul Sollimo. The production is directed by Joseph M. Paprzycki, the Founding Producing Artistic Director of the company, who saw the play staged in New York in 2003. “My friend called me and said you have to get up here and see this play,” recalled Paprzycki. “I saw it in the East Village in a 2015 - ISSUE 10 7