New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 61

With Halloween II director Rosenthal returning, there was some reason for fans to be hopeful and the opening scene gets us on board as Myers finally fulfills his wish of killing his sister, now resident in an asylum. But wait, didn’t Curtis chop off Myers’ head at the end of H20? She sure did, but here the writers find a ‘creative’ way of getting around this. After the first 15 minutes however it all goes downhill faster than a severed head in a laundry chute. Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks are a pair of internet entrepeneurs, (yes, a rapper and a supermodel, welcome to the ‘00s), whose company, Dangertainment, has gained access to the now deserted Myers’ house. They’ve placed cameras around the place and have recruited a bunch of teens to spend the night in the home of ‘America’s Most Notorious Serial Killer’. If it’s anything, (and believe Watch the trailer for Halloween: Resurrection 2015 - ISSUE 10 61