New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 58

Now, thanks to a raid on the house of nurse Chambers (Nancy Stephens, resuming the role she essayed in the first two movies) he learns his sister’s whereabouts and sets off to finish what he started all those years ago. At the time of its original release, my opinion on this film was l ukewarm, feeling they had ‘Scream-ed’ it up too much, but I’ve grown to admire it over the years. It stands out as the best of the ‘90s cycle of post-Scream slashers, though admittedly that’s not much of an accolade. Apart from some annoying racial stereotyping there’s nothing to irritate fans of the series. There are minor details, such as a return to the original style of mask and Mr. Sandman playing over the opening, that go a long way towards sating us Halloween nuts. The teen characters never get too irritating and are swept aside for the movie’s final 20 minutes, setting up a thrilling game of cat and mouse between Myers and his long-suffering sister. Miner does a solid job directing these sequences and gives us one of the best visual motifs of the entire series when Curtis slams a door in front of Myers and the two stare at each other through a port-hole shaped window. Durand’s portrayal of Michael Myers is second only to Nick Castle’s in the original, playing the killer with the anger and impatience of someone who just wants to swat a fly that won’t leave his kitchen. Halloween H20 is a must watch for anyone who loves good old fashioned stalkin’ and slashin’. With the series now back on track would more thrilling installments await us? Err… 4 stars out of 5 2015 - ISSUE 10 58