New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 47

The film kicks off with a flashback to the previous film’s climax but presents us with the twist of Myers surviving and being swept down a river. Bizarrely he’s taken in by a hermit (and his parrot) who seems happy to allow him to sleep for a year in his hut. Myers wakes on Halloween Eve a year later, kills the hermit, and sets off back to his home town. Meanwhile, his niece (Harris) is in a children’s institution following the attack on her step-mother, which it seems the victim survived. The psychic bond hinted at in Halloween 4 is played up to cheesy levels now with Harris physically feeling her uncle’s actions. Dr. Loomis is overseeing the young girl and his treatment of her makes him a lot scarier than Myers. This movie has many problems. By placing Harris in the “final girl” role the film takes on a nasty undercurrent. While we can all enjoy watching teenagers stalked and slashed, it’s not much fun seeing a child dis- Watch the trailer for Halloween 5: revenge Of Michael Myers 2015 - ISSUE 10 47