New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 40

sonally speaking, as an Irishman I’m quite proud we can boast a horror villain as charismatic as O’Herlihy.) friend Carpenter, capturing the creepy atmosphere of the small town, complete with its nightly curfew and CCTV cameras. The dialogue, much of it improvised by The story owes a debt to the paranoid Sci-Fi movies of the ‘50s, Atkins and Nelkin, is snappy and witty without pulling the film down films like Invasion of the Bodyto any puerile depths. Carpenter Snatchers and Invaders From Mars. O’Herlihy plays a Willy Won- and Alan Howarth re-team for another great electronic score that ka type mask factory owner who reflects brilliantly the escalating runs a small California town, the inhabitants of which are replaced paranoia of the story. Sadly, this would be Carpenter’s final piece by robot versions of themselves of creative input to the series. (The if they step out of line. Atkins royalty checks would be enough is great as the alcoholic doctor whose patient dies following a trip for Carpenter from here on.) Though belittled at the time of to O’Herlihy’s factory. The dead man’s daughter, Nelkin, persuades its release, Halloween 3 can now be considered one of the highhim to tag along to the town to investigate, leading to one of cin- lights of ‘80s horror, and with its theme of loss of identity, arguema’s more unlikely romances. ably more relevant today. Wallace does a great job imitating the visual style of his long time 4 ½ stars out of 5 2015 - ISSUE 10 40