New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 35

Presumably this is the main reason Carpenter sets the sequel in a hospital; there’s all manner of sharp implements lying around and plenty of long corridors, ideal for stalking. Once again Debra Hill co-writes, though their relationship had become platonic, Carpenter having married Adrienne Barbeau, his star or The Fog. The directorial reins were passed to the relatively inexperienced Rosenthal, as Carpenter had little interest in returning. As it turned out, the producers were unhappy with Rosenthal’s work, feeling the kills were too generic, and Carpenter was brought back for re-shoots. Most of the scenes involving Myers doing what he does best are helmed by Carpenter. Despite Rosenthal’s commendable attempts to imitate the style of his predecessor, Carpenter’s scenes stand out in his use of the widescreen frame, strategically placing Myers for that “He’s behind you!” effect. Watch the trailer for Halloween II 2015 - ISSUE 10 35