New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 24

the Gospel of Jesus without the rug, the Pope is genuine and repconstraints put on by the Church resents the best parts of the religion and that is what people are for hundreds of years. “He’s not doing anything unexpected from him other than saying these are the words of Jesus and this is how we should be acting,” said June. “I think people got tired of the politics in America with people saying they are religious but with policies and belief systems that don’t line up together. As opposed to pushing things like the sexual scandals under the responding to.” June may be political at heart, but he admits he has far too many skeletons in his closet to ever run for office. As he gets older, he does feel a calling to do something greater though. He’s thinking about pursuing a law degree and ultimately representing and helping those who are too poor to generally afford Watch Mike June & Jess Klein cover “Atlantic City” Live 2015 - ISSUE 10 24