New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 133

publishing the story of his and the family’s life, growing up in Newark, New Jersey. Some years ago when my grandfather, George Clinton, Sr. passed away, I was speaking with my uncle George about writing his screenplay and possibly a book about his life; but I was focusing on his life, not life in the music industry. However, George, after some not so great experiences in the music business, wants to share his experience in the music industry, the people he’s met, worked with, industry goings-on, legalities and other items he feels is relevant for all to know, especially those going into the music industry. So, it just makes sense to let the book on his music career and experience breathe. Give it its proper time as he tours and does book signings all over the world. Then, I’ll follow up with the film and book of his and the family’s life, which is very interesting and at times, very funny and gives an inside view of some of the goings-on that made the man. I think people will not only be enlightened to who George the man is, but through learning about his family, my grandparents, my father and their other siblings, old friends and the neighborhoods he lived in; people will understand more of why so many of his songs have a deep and often subliminal, yet key message. For more on Andrea Clinton website: blog: twitter: @Teaclinton13 2015 - ISSUE 10 133