New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 131

sick upon being diagnosed and doctors spent four months tending to me, not knowing what was wrong, so I was at a point of welcoming any diagnosis, for meds, for peace of mind. I was lifeless and lost my gumption. I went through depression. Then, I didn’t want to be around people anymore. I still get that feeling quite often, “Like a dog going into the woods to die alone,” as it is said in my play. Eventually I gained more spirit and one thing I can attribute to knowing how you may possibly die, you seem to want to contribute to Stage NEW JERSEY 2015 ISSUE 9 making the world a better place. You want to help people, make a difference and often, save the world from itself, which I guess for me is where my writing comes in. Lupus inspired me not to start it, but to see the series through, even when it takes me three times as long to do what it takes the average author, due to sickness, Lupus flare ups and the blood clotting disease it caused (APLS). It felt like life through me a curve ball, and I don’t even play baseball. Seeing how people dealt with life made me want Stage NEW JERSEY 2015 ISSUE 8 Dead Man’s Cell Phone Melissa Etheridge Stage NEW JERSEY 2015 ISSUE 7 Cary Elwes Remembers The Princess Bride John Taglieri Mistress America Richard Barone 1st Anniversary Issue Brian Fitzpatrick A Twist of Lemmon All in Time Mad Dogs & Englishmen The Nether Sorrows & Promises: Greenwich Village in the 1960s Eryn Shewell Bringing Classy Back Mr. Ray Tackles Bullies Illustrator of the Future 2015 - ISSUE 10 131