New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 129

body that supports its people is a government heavily supported. We citizens are all so unique and have so much to contribute to our municipality, county, state, country and when our government makes a way for us to contribute to society, via the arts, sciences, etc., it is the village working together for a common cause, our species preservation, preserving our way of life. What this grant has done for me as a playwright and PHP, Arts & Entertainment is remarkable and I’m sure it’s been a great assistance to the other theatre companies who received the grant as well. It’s also been a learning experience. In addition to being both a funding and inkind service, it’s taught me a lot about promoting a production and publicity. It also provided an opportunity for me to exercise those producing things-to-do I learned in graduate school and it’s opened doors for me. I’ve been received by people in the theatre world who initially bid me well on a totally different level. Now, I’m invited to submit my plays, having meetings about partnering to produce this play The Next Generation of Rock Radio Listen online at 2015 - ISSUE 10 129