New Jersey Stage 2015 - Issue 10 - Page 123

involved with everything from books to plays to film scripts and poetry. She is the author of several books in a series called “Life Knows No Bounds” and is working on a biography of her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame uncle. The cast for Murphy’s Law: Group Therapy Gone Wild includes Dana Hawkins, Marshall Evans, K’von Madison, Doriane Swain, Jayna Strong, Peighton Bryant, Shiori Ichikawa, Erby Beauvil, Ashley Laroshe, Laymah Cisco, Alicia Whavers, Cely Rivera, Miguel Reis, Tiffany Stewart, Claushell Achille. New Jersey Stage spoke with Andrea about the play. the issue that plagues them most. It’s a feast of comical goings on; a play on mental health awareness and it advocates suicide prevention. It urges its audience members with mental health issues to seek help and educate 2f֖ǒ