New Jersey Folk Festival Program Book 2013 Apr. 2013 - Page 9

Spook Handy, With a reputation for intimate performances and interactive fun, his songs range from the spiritual to the political. Describing Spook’s music is not easy—lyrical wit of John Prine, the humor of Arlo Guthrie, the sincerity of John Denver, the boldness of Bob Dylan and the courage of Pete Seeger emerge as a cohesive sound full of hope and promise. Spook has won several awards for his music and has performed at many prestigious folk festivals across the country. Spook is regarded as one of New Jersey’s torch carriers for the folk music and singer/songwriter traditions. A Highland bagpiper, Frank Watson has competed successfully as both a solo performer and with bands. Frank is a piper for the St. Andrew’s Society of Philadelphia (founded in 1747), and has piped at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts and at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, and at Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden in New York City. His piping is currently featured in a TV