New Germany Community Guide 2016 - Page 13

Steve Mielke led the New Germany Dutchmen to an 8-10 record in 2016. file photo Dutchmen baseball rich in tradition By Kip Kovar Staff Writer The New Germany Dutchmen amateur baseball team is a member of the Crow River Valley League, and has a strong tradition in the New Germany community. In 2016, the Dutchmen improved upon their 2015 record by going 9-10 in league play (they went 5-15 in 2015). New Germany was swept by the Glencoe Brewers in the CRVL playoffs to end its season. Managing the Dutchmen in 2016 was Steve Mielke, in his fifth year as manager. Top hitters in 2016 included Austin Nichols, who led the team in batting average (.318); Shannon Storley, who led the team in home runs (1) and Sam Schiffman who lead the team in RBI (9). Top pitchers included ace Hayden Meyer, who led the team in wins (3-4) and innings pitched (54.2). Meyer also led the team in strikeouts (31). Fathers Day pork chop feed at New Germany The Dutchmen host an annual Fathers Day pork chop dinner every year, and it has become one of the more popular baseball attractions during the summer. A strong tradition Baseball has been an important part of New Germany’s history since NE TPSBTSTSTSx&[][ܙH[ L YX\و[[X[^\Y[H[X[]HۈHYHو[\[˂(]YJ \\[܊x%HY\و M][%B[\[[[\[H[[\KK\ B( N H[[ۈوYH[\[H[ܘK( L K[[ۈ[\][\X[Y[Y[ B\و\[ M ][YX][[[X[8&\ݙ\[[[X[[[Z[\\^Z[X[]K]\HH[\Y[\ܛX[Hو[\Y[X˂\وXˈ K M ZHۈ\X]\ŒLH\XZ[Y]8(XۚXKS ML ŽMLM N BY[KP“ZX[HKKP‘[[X[ۜ[[\X]BX\[ B]\ˈ\Pє0P‘[[X[\X]H][[[X[[[X[ۜ[[\YYY[[X[[\\و[\[ˈۜH\YX][ۂX\є0[TQQQSSPSST([HK˂[\[HX\YY܈ٙ\YH][[[X[ HX\][›[YH܈][[[X[܈]\[\]ۋK[X˜\H]Z[XH[[]\ˈX\]Y\[[\Y[Y\ܞH\X\˜\Hٙ\YY][[\Y[X[Y[Y[[ˋ H\]KˋZ[X\\S MM MKHSH[TY[X\[HBۙYXYX\Hو][ ][[[X[\\[]]\\BY\\Y\\[]]\و][[\Y[X[Y[Y[[ˈ^B\H[X[Y[\[HY[X\و][ ܈Y][ۘ[[\ܝ[[ܛX][ۋ\]][ K\\\˂\]ۋ\ۜ[8(Z[X\\Z[\BH LMB][ H8( N M ͂[][]HZYB MLMY][ۂL‚